Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Conference Day 1: Using Technology for Effective Formative Assessment Feedback

The first day of the Maryland College and Career Readiness Conference, and I have a lot of ideas ad information to take away. I am going to use this as a platform for reflection for each of the eight sessions I attended. The first session focused on using technology to more effectively assess student learning and provide timely and meaningful feedback. 

A major goal of mine has been to find more efficient ways in which I can evaluate student work and provide timely feedback. The first few tools that were presented provided me with a means to accomplish that goal. I was very glad to have attended this session and now my goals have shifted to working on incorporating those tools into my instruction. 

The first tool that caught my attention was Socrative. Very similar to Poll Everywhere, Socrative provides a resource where assessments can be developed and students can respond from any WiFi enabled device. This will be very handy given that I may not have a set of clickers next year, and I can utilize a bring your o an device policy for students in my room with varying devices.

Another tool that I am especially excited to use is Flubaroo. This tool allows me to utilize google forms, and as an add oo in the spreadsheet, Flubaroo will grade student submissions and email individual reports to each student. I have figured out how to have student responses graded automatically, but being able to send student progress in a timely manner is a great way to let students know their strengths and weaknesses. 

I am excited to explore these tools and more like Three Ring and Video Notes along with a host of other tools that can help me gather student work more seamlessly and timely. 

My goal after attending this session is to incorporate these tools into as many lessons so as to enhance instruction in meaningful ways. 

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