Sunday, July 6, 2014

Conference Day 2: STEMnet

As a part of my reflection process from the sessions I attended at the Maryland College and Career Readiness, this is my final eighth session reflection. The final reflection is from the session devoted to resources from STEM net. 

The main goal of the site is to ensure that teachers have a direct line to resources for providing students with valuable opportunities to engage in real world problem solving. One example of these resources is in the Scholars Speakers Bureau that is available. Students and professionals in STEM fields can come to schools and speak to students as a means to increase interest in science technology engineering and mathematics. 

Another similar resource is for STEM specialists to visit and cooperatively work with teachers n schools to enhance the STEM experiences being delivered to students. The main emphasis is to help students connect the fields of study to possible careers of interest. 

The most exciting resource that is available through the STEM net are STEM Challenges. Businesses are contacted to provide current problems they are facing that students could tackle. From there the problems are connected to content that is being taught in schools. Then students can submit their ideas and solutions, and get recognized for their efforts with an opportunity for internships with the companies. 

In addition to these resources, there are also lessons and project ideas that are aligned to common core content standards. All of these resources in conjunction with the network of educators, energize me to begin incorporating STEM projects regularly in my teaching. 

My main goals after attending this session are to make effective use of the resources including the STEM Challenge, and I want to continue promoting true STEM for all experiences for all students in my district instead of a select few. 

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